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Our Story…..

When my mother passed away early in 2022 I was tasked with arranging the funeral.

After getting a few quotes for coffin flowers, I was more than a little concerned with both the cost and the wastage that this involved.

So I decided to try to make something for her myself that would be both personal and reusable ( she didn’t like to waste anything!).

The kind feedback I received from everyone, including the fantastic funeral directors we used, gave me the confidence and encouragement to try to help make it a little more hopeful for those with a limited budget like myself, to be able to do something nice for their loved ones after their death. From this Hope For All Flowers was born.

2 thoughts on “Our Story…..

  1. Brought a tear to my eye as we too lost a charismatic soul last year and to have marked the memorable moment of his dear departing I can only imagine the creations artistically made out of shells and stones , coins and flamboyant fabrics which would have been a fitting tribute , to be kept and framed even , well done Dawn, I think my mother should like these when her time comes to meet her maker , a beautiful idea, THankyou.

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