Hope For All Flowers

Sustainable. Affordable. Friendly. Ethical.

bespoke floral designs,wall art and unique gifts made with a fusion of recycled, natural and artificial materials

Our Story…….

When my mother passed away early in 2022 I was tasked with arranging the funeral.

After getting a few quotes for coffin flowers, I was more than a little concerned with both the cost and the wastage that this involved.

So I decided to try to make something for her myself that would be both personal and reusable ( she didn’t like to waste anything!).

The kind feedback I received from everyone, including the fantastic funeral directors we used, gave me the confidence and encouragement to try to help make it a little more hopeful for those with a limited budget like myself, to be able to do something nice for their loved ones after their death. From this Hope For All Flowers was born.

Individual and unique designs to suit

Rental arrangements

  • Unique gifts and art too.
  • Please get in touch to chat about your needs and how we can help.
Forest friends.
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